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Our first fNIRS exploration

Our first pilot of setting up the fNIRS equipment and collecting data!

Group lunch to fuel up.
And just like that, we were off to assemble our first montage!
Begüm and Chang did a lot of the heavy lifting.

Jacob helped a little too.
We then worked to get everything connected to the data collection software... very satisfying to have it all set up.
For strategic, data quality purposes, Jacob's forehead would be our first participant.
To test the data collection process, Jacob piloted a tricky Stroop task (here, the correct answer is "no/incongruent").

While the equipment was the star of the show, Begüm and Chang's strong teamwork was also on display.

Setting up the equipment for the first time was a great learning experience for us all. Very much looking forward to using fNIRS for future projects!


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